Just a few days ago I took (and passed !!) the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam. I feel compelled to blog about this because it was a unique and stressful experience for me. To start how did I know Kubernetes? So in May, I attended a training around spring and the technologies of containerization, during this training we had an introduction to docker and Kubernetes and microservices, I was very attached to this subject and liked it , after the training I read some documents to understand Kubernetes what is it and I fell on the certification so I said I must take this certif taking into account that in May I know neither docker nor Kubernetes. So I started my preparation with online training and books about containers, Linux and docker. I found docker easy to understand and manipulate also the facilitation that gives in development. After docker, I got to understand k8s from scratch, I started by reading “Kubernetes in action” which is a very interesting book that explains all about k8s, so I did the practices of this book using GKE and know how to handle k8s. Then I went to online training that offers EDX (free and paid) but I think it was not very interesting against the training of Linux academy was very interesting and close to the aspect of the exam. Also, I did the tasks in the k8s documentation and some tasks that are shared in slack channels like “kubernauts”. Finally after understanding how to handle k8s and its resource objects I turned to create clusters from scratch for that I used Kubernetes the hard way (Kelsey Hightower) to understand the inside of Kubernetes and how it works and it helped me well in the exam. Also for the exam, it is necessary to know the manipulation of systemd files also commands like systemctl, journalctl and etcdctl also Linux commands such as grep and the filters also the generation of the certificates and the rotation So to summarize I really like the topics of containers and the orchestration and I find now that it makes the process of dev and ops easier, now I think that I will move towards CNCF technologies such as helm, rkt, Prometheus … Some of the things that I mention are covered in other articles. The point here was to summarize what I found was the most helpful for me during the exam and I hope you found it helpful and saves you a bit of time. Good luck with your exam! You can do it!