At the beginning of May in Barcelona, the sun shines, the birds sing … but the experts, they continue to work! Since the morning, a little more than 8000 people have gathered at fira gran via for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation conference: the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2019.

I’m one of the lucky people who was there in Barcelona thanks to CNCF.

My introduction to the world of containers happened one years ago, when I stumbled upon one of my now great friends at a technical workshop, in Tunisia.

I am very grateful for the introduction to this world that happened on that fateful day. The day I found Kubernetes (amongst many other things).

I have been working with Kubernetes and containers as a user as well as a developer, building tools around it. I really wanted to dig deeper into the world of cloud native architecture and apps. This scholarship actually gave me an opportunity to interact with the amazing communities working on cloud technology and to learn a lot from them. It also helped me get started on one of my biggest goals of contributing back to these amazing communities.


I had signed up for the Kubernetes Contributor Summit so since day 0 I found myself talking to experts as well as beginners. Everybody I approached was willing to talk about their ideas and work, as well as listen to mine and offer advice. I even got some really cool swag.

I was present for the new contributor workshop which helped me learn a lot about how to contribute to Kubernetes. It has now lead me to join the Kubernetes community.

The next three days worth of keynotes were really amazing, especially when we meet people that you’ve been following for a long time and you’ve spent time learning and watching them in live sessions like Kris Nova , Joe Beda and Paris pittman. The list of projects under CNCF is growing, and it was very amazing to see the various stages in which the projects were. Overall, Kubecon was a dream for me to attend it .



I have also started on contributions to amazing upstream projects.

Thanks again, to the Linux Foundation, to Cloud Native Foundation, for giving me this opportunity to expand my horizons. To meet great people, to make cool, amazing friends. To learn and to grow … and to look forward to KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2019.