Building ,Testing and simplifyng local application development in kubernetes using Telepresence

In this blog post i will tell you the story of developers everyday problems when working with microservices and how a tool can save you a lot of time. How do you set up a development environment for microservices and Kubernetes ? While tools and infrastructure for building traditional web applications has been optimized over time, the same cannot be said for microservices. In particular, setting up this development environment can be more complex than a traditional web application.

Build confidence in your kubernetes cluster using Chaos Engineering

With the rise of distributed cloud architectures, the web has grown increasingly , yet failures have become much harder to predict. These failures cause costly outages for companies. The outages hurt customers and get work done. To avoid these failures , most companies need a solution to this challenge, waiting for the next costly outage is not an option. To meet the challenge head on, more and more companies are turning to Chaos Engineering.

Container Security Scanning

Running your code in containers is a great way to manage and deploy software. All of the code needed to run your app is inside containers. Containers help solve the “well it worked on my laptop” issue that was quite prevalent in the past. That’s great but how are you managing security within each container? What’s in your container? Inside every container we found numerous linux packages that your code needs to run.